My Journey to Melbourne, Australia

I want to tell all of you about my story in Australia (17-15/8 2011). My school, Santo Yoseph in Jakarta, Indonesia was made a relation with Emmaus College in Melbourne, Australia since long time ago. Now my friend and I were chosen by our school to goes there and stay 1 month there. This was a great experience to meet many new friends and live in other country. When we were arrived, the Emmaus teacher picks us. We meet all exchange student too from the other country, such as German and Italy. We go to school every day. We were school in senior and junior campus at there. We got assembly from the Australian side and they very welcoming us. All of my host families were kind and very welcome. They give me the new experience which is I am never got before. And same at school, I got many new experiences and friends. I can learn with them in a class and follow the lessons together. That’s not all, I also join them at lunch and recess time. What a beautiful journey. I hope I’ll go back again someday. And I also hope for relation between these two schools to become better and better. Even the relation between Indonesia and Australia. (By : Bill Kennedy)